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Meet Susan Magee, the dynamic founder and the HEART of Aerobifit Studio.

If her name sounds familiar, chances are youíve seen her before! Susan has been a fitness guru in Houston for over 35 years. Co-Founder of the Waist Basket Aerobic Studio Franchise 1980 - 1993. Previous studio owner of Waist Basket & Aerobifit for 12 years. Susan closed her studio in Nov. 1993 & worked for two other large fitness centers as Assistant General Manager & Fitness Director. As the climate changed back to favoring the "Small Gym", she then decided to return to her first love, that of club ownership. Now with a successful studio in Houston, Susan has never looked back!

Goal-oriented and efficient in her work, Susan is passionate about helping people get and stay in shape. Additionally, she makes certain her staff at Aerobifit are up to speed with cutting-edge fitness trends, research, safety standards, and continuing education certifications.

Susan is an avid runner and has completed more than 23 marathons. She loves animals and the fitness industry. Her non-stop focus to inspire fitness is her driving force. Her daily objective is to make certain all Aerobifit clients receive the highest level of attention and direction towards their fitness goals. She wants Aerobifit clientele to enjoy her studio and feel at home when they are working out.

Susan Magee

* ACEóGroup Fitness Instructor
* IDEA Member
* ACE ĖPersonal Trainer
* AHA Ė CPR Certified
* AFAAóGroup Fitness Certified
* AED Certified
* NASM Certified
* YOGAFIT! Level 1 Certified
* Stott Pilates Mat
* Stott Pilates Reformer
* SCW Pilates Props Certified
* Powerhouse Pilates Props Certified
* Master Trainer-BOSU Integrated Balance Training
* J.G. Spinning Certified
* Powerhouse Pilates Reformer Certified
* Peak Pilates PPS1 Certified
* Zumba Certified
Susan has been in the fitness business for over 30 years. Her love of the health and fitness industry has led her in many directions, from conducting seminars and workshops throughout Texas for over 12 years, to completing 23 marathons, Chairing fitness charity benefits, choreographing a childrenís fitness video and much more.

One of Susanís passions is personal training. She feels anyone, at any age can get back into a good fitness program and commit to a lifetime of healthy living. She enjoys working with all people at any level including teens. Susan has a motivating personality that is contagious and helps to keep her clients on track.

Studio: 281-497-3310
Cell: 713-819-2306

Robin Barrett

R.M.T., C.P.I.
Stott Pilates Certified - mat
Stott Pilates Certified - reformer
SCW Pilates Certified - mat and reformer
SCW Pilates Props Certified
American Heart Association - CPR Certified
Texas Licensed Massage Therapist
Asiatsu Massage Certified


Specializing in rehab and sports massage and relaxation, Robin enjoys seeing and helping her clients learn about their bodies to be able to stay fit and healthy.

Robin has been in the physical fitness industry for over 20 years. She has been teaching Pilates for more than eight years, and enjoys helping her clients grow stronger and work toward reaching their goals.

Kathy Hammel

AFAA - Group Fitness
AFAA - Personal Trainer
Cooper Institute - Personal Trainer
J.G. Spinning Certified
Powerhouse Pilates Mat Certified
Powerhouse Pilates Reformer I and II
SCW Pilates Mat Certification
SCW PIlates Props Certification
American Heart Association - CPR
JogaFit Certified


Kathy has been a fitness professional for 10 years. Her outgoing personality and motivational drive are two reasons her clients keep coming back for more training. Kathy believes life is most improved with a healthy attitude, positive lifestyle changes, and a well-rounded regimen of exercise. Kathy is an avid runner, cyclist and keeps very active with her four children. She enjoys helping people turn their obstacles into stepping-stones to a better, healthy way of life.

Kathy has an extensive education and experience working with senior populations and client rehabilitation.

Julie Monte

Rehab Exercise Specialist


Julie is a people person. She loves to train and finds a great deal of satisfaction in observing the changes her clients work so hard to achieve.

Julie has a motivating personality with a true sense of compassion.

Her specialty fields are rehab therapy, eating disorders, weight loss, and general fitness.

Matt Blackwell

NSCA Personal Trainer, USAW Sports Performance, Power Plate level 1 & 2, Kinesis, Body Bar, Johnny G Spinning, AAAI/ISMA Ė Yoga, ISCA-Kickbox


Education and current certifications:
BS: Kinesiology: Sports administration, minor in health promotions
ACE: certified personal trainer, fitness nutritionist, youth fitness, sports performance specialist
TRX, FMS, AKC Kettlebell
Crossfit: Level 1 trainer, Gymnastics, Kids

Weight loss, functional movement, sports specific, youth, kettlebell, CrossFit, injury prevention, elderly, yoga, cycle, HIIT, total body strength, small group training, and anaerobic thresholds

Matt seeks to be outdoors fishing, hunting, hiking, climbing, riding and exercising with his wife and two kids! Formerly the Assistant Fitness Direction at the Houstonian, and holding several fitness and management positions from public, private, corporate, university and faith based fitness centers, Matt truly follows his passion of assisting others with their wellness. His diversity of certifications, teaching group ex classes (cycle, senior specific fitness, HIIT, yoga), small group training, and also the kidís sports conditioning specialist, proves he loves continued education and assisting a variety of populations with different goals and needs.

Crystal White

Pilates Instructor


Crystal began practicing Pilates in 2009 at Aerobifit, which turned into a passion and ultimately led her to leave the world of finance. She chose to study under the Stott method which provides a strong base in anatomy and programming for a variety of populations.

She completed her first Reformer training in 2012 and has since added Cadillac, Chair and Barrels, along with many intense hours of observation, practical teaching and anatomy review.

Crystal continues to train and work at the only Stott Pilates licensed studio in Houston under a Lead Instructor Trainer. She is excited to be back at Aerobifit and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and passion.

Becca Suter

Power Pilates Mat Certified
CPR and AED Certified


I joined the Aerobifit family in early 2015 and havenít looked back since. I have taken what was previously just a passion at my work and home to a new level by joining the ranks of Aerobifit trainers.

My background is accounting but at my current place of business, I spend as much time as I can designing and creating new workouts for my co-workers to tackle during our lunch hour. I love teaching, guiding and seeing growth in those I train. My passion is in movement of the body, incorporating yoga into my routines often.

Pilates and yoga combine for an incredible workout and provide a new sense of self through stillness and balance.

Rose Sharp

PFIT-Personal Training & Group Fitness


Fitness is my passion and I enjoy helping & motivating others to live a healthier lifestyle. I have been in the fitness industry for over 10yrs, and I believe whole heartedly that exercise and proper nutrition is the key to longivity. I lead by example by exercising regularly & making healthy food choices. I enjoy one on one personal training with my clients, because I get to design programs specific to their needs. It's not only rewarding to the client when they achieve their fitness goals, but also for me as a trainer.

I have experience in personal training, pilates, boot camp, & athletic conditioning. I enjoy the great outdoors by golfing & competing in adventure races, such as the warrior dash, dragonboat regatta & the MS150. I believe that our bodies are a precious & valuable machine, that requires regular physical maintenance. If we allow our bodies to set up and collect dust, it will loose power & begin to break down, due to lack of activity.

Kim Smith

Personal Trainer - PFIT
Rehab Exercise Specialist - PFIT
TRX - Level 1
Pilates Reformer - Level 1 Balanced Body University
CPR, AED, First Aid Certified


I have always had a passion for health and fitness. It was not until a personal trainer saw in me something that I did not see in myself. He encouraged me to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Having over 16 years experience as a Registered Veterinary Technician, I felt I was ready to change careers and fulfill my passion. Now, I love what I do by helping others in achieving their goals to be fit, strong, and live a healthy lifestyle.

I am the owner of Precision Dynamic Training and work out of the Aerobifit Fitness facility. Previously, I worked at a local Outdoor Boot Camp company, an athletic peformance gym, a women's only health club and in-home personal training. I have played competitive and recreational softball, cycled with the Houston Police Department Leukemia Relay Team, and the BP MS 150. I have also completed numerous local charitable fun runs. I have 2 boys who are both active in sports, motorcross and fitness.

Carl Jerome

Texas Licensed Massage Therapist


Carl has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in Houston since 2001. He provides a "clothes on" therapeutic sports massage that helps people of all ages alleviate pain throughout the body. His high quality service and sessions are beneficial to maintaining health, energy and wellness.

Carl has a deep knowledge and clear understanding of the human body. His modalities include, but are not limited to, deep tissue neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, rhythmic, and triggerpoint massage. All have been adapted to allow his clients to keep their clothes on -- appropriate for teenage athletes, the elderly population, and anyone who may not feel comfortable getting undressed.

Years of experience, studying and working with the human body has helped Carl achieve success by adapting his technique to the individual needs of his clients and helping them get back to a healthy quality of life.

Terance Gartica

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Behavior Change Specialist
CPR/AED Certified


I believe your health is your wealth! Fitness became personal for me after my recent struggle with obesity. I had very little energy and everything seemed to be a struggle. My blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels were all extremely high. My doctor said I had one of two choices: lose weight or medication.

I refused the medication and decided to start living a healthier lifestyle. That decision has made my life so much easier and also led me into the health & fitness industry! I enjoy helping others along their mission to live healthier and happier lives!

I like a variety of exercises like weight training, cardio, and HIIT. I enjoy participating in outdoor activities such as 5K/10K events, hiking trails, crossfit, swimming, and Iíve also cycled in the BP MS150.
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